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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 20, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> a cameraman said he heard the booms of artillery explosions. the island is 7-miles from north korean shores and the north has threatened "a catastrophic response if the south guess ahead with the drill. dozens of people have been evacuated from the island. and south korea says it has launched fighter jets to deter any attacks from the north injuries earlier, south korea said heavy fog delayed the drills. as we mentioned, south korean media reporting the drills are underway. stay with fox news for more on this developing story. year now, back to "geraldo at largee already in progress. like we did with the omnibus and cut spending back. >> we are going to talk much more with matt as the program progresses. as you know many democrats aren't happy about the tax compromise either. as peter dusy reports that was among the topics by the vice president. >> vice president biden was
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talking taxes and wars and starting pictures this morning. he defended his boss' decision to make a deal with republicans on the extension of tax breaks for all americans including the rich even though guide den himself said a few months ago he was only senatored in extending them to the middle class. >> the idea that we need to compromise to save people who are drowning. there are people out there drowning. there are 2 million people this month that can't afford to go get a christmas tree let alone buy any gifts because their unemployment ran out which means they have been unemployed well over a year to two years. it is unfortunate we were put in the position where the republicans made it clear they were ready to let everything fall this wills they got the tax cuts. >> he says republicans were stubborn. he went on to say he is close friends with many gop lawmakers including speaker december knee john boehner. vice president wouldn't say he thinks we are winning or losing in afghanistan but i did offer
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this. >> we are making progress. are we making it fast enough the answer remains to be seen. >> it remains to be seen what the move is when it comes to wikileaks and julian assange. he said we are weighing our options but holder declined to be more specific. he went into more detail when the conversation shifted from america's problems to america's past time. with the addition of three agent aids cliffly his philadelphia phillies are on track to win the world series. back to you. >> peter thanks. maybe philadelphia will win the super bowl, too. this afternoon the vice president's eagles got a fluke 38-31 win over the new york giants. look at sean jackson fumbles the punt return then he starts running. giants are pulling by the wayside and he is in the clear. they were ahead 21-3. they blew this game and maybe
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their season. >> turning now to the real wa w nearly 7,000 marines on an aircraft carrier were due home in new york tomorrow. mccalloway wasn't waiting for them on the dock. he went out to meet them. >> welcome to volume chers grove. we are in the middle of the atlantic heading to the home port of virginia tomorrow. we came in in the predawn darkness. there was driving rain, heavy winds and a low ceiling. we hit the number 3 landing fire. which means a perfect landing. that's what these guys have been doing for the last 7 months. they flew 6,000 plus come at that time didn't see any planes lost no pilots and no mishaps. >> they have to do it every single say here. in they will brakes they had two
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guys lunch their food off the bough. they are called a food chute. if you have a perfect safety words they sent the blues. this will be an exciting day tomorrow when we pull up the front. it's an incredible reunion, 119 dads have never seen their babies. they are going to lay their eyes on them for the first time. i am board mccelway. >> president obama said this week we are making significant progress in the afghan war while admitting gains are fragile and reversible. before we hear from general campbell on the front line here's the president. >> al qaeda senior leadership in afghanistan and pakistan is under more pressure than at any point since they fled
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afghanistan nine years ago. senior leaders have been killed. it is harder for them to recruit. harder for them to travel. harder for them to train. harder for them to plot and launch attacks. in short al qaeda is hunkers down. >> after watching him from kandahar to afghanistan from iraq he's the fighting general i call america's spartan. screaming eagle air force one division who fellow soldiers and marines are leading the surge. major general merry christmas to you and yours. >> you are halfway through the deployment you have had rough passengers, how are we doing? >> i think we are doing very well. you want to do a couple things i think we have hauled do that.
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reverse the momentmomentum. many of the areas we have done that and we want to deny my search. the afghan security forces and were partnered. unfortunately as you know we had an incident where police were to shoot 6 of our heroes. we had to make sure partnership was going to be what the insurgents attacked. that is work they want to continue to put that tribal edge. >> but isn't it hard to get trust them? afghan border pot troll. >> it is easy for me to say it at any level but they have to live it every single day.
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the very next day i talked to the young lieutenant and talk to the remaining on the screen. i didn't have to tell him that. they wanted to to. >> you took me to some of the out posts on the leaky pakistani neighbor are doing a better a better job on stocking up the poorest leaks from the hakan i network from infill frayeding. >> our allies, pakistanis said do a better job just after he left back stan and we had a great deal on that. they have had progress on their side again.
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18 months ago they had 30,000 soldiers on the border now they have 140,000 soldiers. they have stepped up and taken several losses on their side as well. they have to continue to build their capacity so they can stop the infiltration that goes back and forth across the border. there is sanctuary with the attacks sandy side to repeal the again gnat voted to rewe'll it he they talked about letting gay and lesbian soldiers would diminish our capacity. you are a quiting general you have a laying endairy. are you afraid doesn don't ask tell. i have great shoulders. this was discipline. they understand what the law is.
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it will take a while for the department of defense to deal with all of the issues. once a new law is passed soldiers would continue following that law. i don't think a big issue in regional command des for olders who work together every single day. they are not worried about the politics of different issues. putting them in a wheelchair the last day or so. >> it's not going to be a big deal you feel? >> i don't think it will be a big deal while guys are over here. >> that's good to hear. general i have to say to you and your soldiers thank you toech for your service. >> you know we are thinking about you we love you and air assault. >> we want to put a thought out clarksville tennessee, oak road kentucky, we could not continue to do what we loved to do
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without their great work and sam fyss shoulders here. from the 103st. geraldo thank you for all you do. thank you for going to walter reed with o'reilly it meant a great deal to everybody. wish everybody at home a very, merry christmas. coming up our investigation into the apair rented serial killer stacking prostitutes and dumping them. the rape allegations against a famous rapper. >> it is opinion anti
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>> back live everybody. sarah palin is arguing ant kriez sizing the compromise and saying it's allows lousy deal.
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they launched the petition promising to hold republicans to sign off on the deal accountable come the election cycle. does the deal violate the pledge to america gop leaders made in september? >> i don't think so. this was simply avoiding a tax increase built into the code that was going to kick into effect on january 1st. >> reducing the payroll tax from 100 grand to 50 grand is a stimulus? >> i don't think it's a stimu s stimulus. it was a great relief for workers as they get back to the work force and paves the road to real social security reform. the bottom basis of this deal was to make sure no one suffered an income tax increase. >> our budget will have a major hit from ethanol.
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>> what they didn't understand is we don't control anything right now. pelosi is still the house speaker harry reid still senate majority leader. obama is president. this was the best deal they could expect. >> when he said the president hoodwinked the republicans and got everything they wanted while giving rich people a couple bucks extra you don't agree with that? >> i don't get that analysis. think about how profound it is president obama nancy pelosi and harry reid extended the bush tax cuts. this is something president bush himself couldn't have done if he had had a third term. >> are the tea party guys a problem of the president.
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>> he was speak to go the democrats but he was telling him don't rebel you have got a good deal. republicans took it as they were chastising them. i think they were being helpful to the republican review which is they wanted the tax cuts started. president obama referred to it as the holy grail and felt like he was dealing with hostage takers. i think from the democrat's points of view the republicans dictated it made it happen they wanted it and forced it down the throats of the democrats especially the house democrats who are still even smarting feeling they got run over by the republicans. >> i think they protect this too much. juan, i do. i think when you examine it what did they give up? rich people don't save 39.6 they save 35 percent. what is the average democrat here. the deficit doesn't come out of
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your paycheck all is said and done. the other guys were in. >> you are a sinic. you made the point earlier that matters you said this drives up the deficit. if that drives up the deficit tea party people say this is terrible we have to be conscious about america's spending habits all of a sudden we can give a huge tax break to people who make millions of dollars and don't care about it. sounds to me like hypocrisy. i slight because in the conversation. up neck we will ask our democrats a drift as waun said or has the tax compromise brought them back from the wilderness whether they want to come back in from the cold or not? right back after this. ! " # $ / 0 i [ male announcer ] it's simplehysics...
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>> dreaming about better headlines in 2001. ♪
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>> we talked in the break about whether the tea party who voted for the tax compromise but how far in the wilderness is the compromise. juan williams on the right our own fox news analyst. here is the democrats. lost control of the house have to fight like hell to keep their healthcare law from being picked to pieces. aren't they met the party in disarray. >> it's a mess but you wonder how things could get worse. you look at the blow pack he got
1:24 am
from the pelosi wing of his own party. he has to choose whether or not he is going to choose a bill clinton and come back to the middle like he did on this tax deal or if he is going to go back to his progressive roots. i don't see how he nav gates those waters. because the democrats left in congress are far more liberal than the democratic party we face today. >> i am glad you brought up bill clinton. remember sister sole jaw and how going after welfare by bill clinton? i never saw obama i have not for a long time see obama get positive notice sz as he has since signing this tax compromise. >> the big thing in washington he is the come back kid the old clinton phrase for this moment he has this tax deal. they have gotten success in terms coming down the road.
1:25 am
there is a number of things breaking for the president he's having success in this moment after the midterm elections when he got spanked. people think even with the despite what he said they think the tax break will have a system law tive effect on the economy and it will reduce unemployment for this coming year generate more economic activity on wall street that will be good news for the president down the road. in some ways the people see that as if you will the upside of what's happened. i agree with ma matt and with y for liberal democrats people who are left in the house right now this is the winter they are discontent. they feel like the next two years is going to be obama negotiating with b boehnor thei needs aren't going to be ignored. >> i am curious the democrats will have to heal their shattered house. on the other hand what about the tea party movement? you have you guys freedom works generally supporting the tax compromise obviously the whole
1:26 am
of the senate leadership supported the tax compromise republican senate leadership. you have other tea party groups like the tea participate yachts and others who are opposed and promising to make republicans pay which i interpret to mean they will be contesting a lot more republican primaries the tea party candidates and really causing a real nuisance for the republican party establishment. >> i don't think there was a single tea partyyer that wanted to see taxes go up to balance the budget. that's really what this was about. this was a tact kel agreement about whether or not we could get a better deal if we held out to the very last minute. it was our judgment with so few weeks left you couldn't do that. i think come january we are all going to agree that the goal is to cut spending, balance the budget. instead of debating tax cuts we are going to get into fundamental questions about tax reform cutting out the special deals cutting out ethanol
1:27 am
subsidies cutting out the things that don't be long and if it is put in by the next generation. >> who is your favorite senator elect? >> mike lee from utah. >> you think he will lead the charge for you all? >> i think there are a number of mike lees a number of as trent lott said a number of jim de mivent -- jim demints giving them a headache. >> does president obama recover? >> i think he does better. it's interesting to watch what's going on in the republican side. those tea party people are giving republicans headache. giving republicans headache. ms. -- mitch mcconnell
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1:31 am
says he heard the boons of artillery explosion. the north has threatened "a catastrophic response" if the south goes ahead with the drills. in anticipation of possible attacks from t north dozens of people evacuated from the island. and south korea says it has launched fighter jets to deter any attacks from the north. earlier, south korea said heavy fog delayed the drills but south korean media is now reporting that the drills are underway. stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." for the latest headlines, go to fox news .com. bodies ended up in this area. that's a good direction to go that they were all dumped by the same person or persons. >> we are looking at that that we would have a serial killer.
1:32 am
>> back in a may a woman earlier identified as 244-year-old shannon gilbert a missing prostitute pounded on the door of a home screaming for help. she then left the home never to be seen again. when four female bodies were discovered buried in the sapped dunes nearby cops wondered if one of them might be her. craig investigates in what may be a long string of serial killers targeting pros you te - prostitutes. >> the beaches of long island new york have become the latest backdrop in a murder mystery. they are looking for what they believe is a serial killer. >> the search began as a result of a missing person's report. shan ongilbert disappeared after calling 911 for help. >> gilbert was last seen in the exclusive community of oak beach last may. the new jersey prostitute had hooked up with a john named joseph brewer of this home
1:33 am
through her craig's list ad. >> do you have any persons of interest or any suspects in this case? >> we have no suspects in this case or persons of interest at this time. >> don't consider joseph brewer a person of interest? >> we don't consider joseph brewer a suspect. >> cops searched in and around his home and vehicle for clues but came up empty. the mystery deepened when cadaver dogs found the remains of four women this past week miles from where gilbert disappeared. suffolk county dep united inspector william new bower. >> it was literally much of effort as you can see mentd we are talking about this very island, suffolk portion of it is over 9 miles in length. you can get an idea just looking around how difficult indeed it is to search an area such as that. >> an org marker on ocean parkway is the only indication
1:34 am
to show where the skeletal remains were found in this shallow grave. 400 yards from the first grave another grave was found off the side of the highway. a little further down a third grave indicating these bodies may have been dumped right from the car. all four bodies found in this dense brush just off the highway. police were able to discover the bodies because the season is allowed greater visibility in this dense brush. >> the bodies were another craig's list hooker who disappeared on long island in june. new york forensic pathologist michael baden investigated serial killers joel ref kin and the notorious son of sam killing david burke wits. >> you have to describe the decide dents those are done by dental record comparisons and dna even if the bodies are
1:35 am
skeletonized. >> what does it tell you about the fact that owl four were from the same location not far from where this girl disappeared. >> it's a murder until proven otherwise. >> they got away with murders for year brothers they were caught. they will sift through millions of papers to determine who are the women buried by the beach and what happened to megan porterman and shannon gilbert. >> just takes time and never gave up. that's why months after her disappearance we were here in a cold saturday morning in december still looking. >> it is creamy, craig, that's the beaches of our youthed. >> yeah, grew up there. >> what's the operating theory? was it a local guy, a fisherman, a claimer just a person who choose a location at random. >> they don't believe a person is from that area. they think the bodies were killed some place else and dumped in that area.
1:36 am
i don't know. they said they found the bodies in canvassed bags. clammers use the canvas bags in order to put the clamps in and bring them to market. it's someone familiar with the area. >> i want to go back to a mom in maine who feared her own daughter, the daughter also a missing prostitute the mom feared the daughter was among the dead. joined by lower rohn ella the mother of megan waterman who disappeared nine months ago sitting along side her is cynthia karen helping lorraine in the sefrp for the daughter. lorraine, do you feel better or worse than the remains do not match your daughter? >> i felt a little better but still a roller-coaster. >> you know, when she went missing did you know her business? did you fear for her life? >> yes. >> so tell us when was the last -- you have not heard from
1:37 am
her in nine months or seen her in ninths? >> she has been missing only 6 and a half months. >> what happened? what did she say to you as she left? >> she talked to me five days before memorial weekend. she was going back to boston new york a little more than a year now. on june 5th and they left the home at 1:30 in the morning to never be seen or heard from at the time. >> did she give anywhere she was heading? >> no. >> how did you get involved, what is your connection to. do you council the way you prostitute? >> our organization is less than missing. we work with families that have missing loved ones. >> and in your experience.
1:38 am
are many of them in the sex trade tradition traditionally p business? >> i have to tell you, geraldo, that the sex trade industry is large in the united states and's a well kwept under ground -- they are suspect and also being in the secretary industry. i also would like to clarify that we are still waiting for dna results to rule out making a statement. unidentified from long beach. we do not know at this point in time as yet, and at the same time prior to megan going missing, she was a happy mom of a young daughter and workd in
1:39 am
sandwich shops until she became involved with the wrong boyfriend. that seems to be a pattern as to how these young women ends up in this type of escorting. we wish you the best. i am not sure if that is if she is positively identified or not. thank you for coming on the program. to boston kimberly guilfoyle and keith ablow and criminalologist jack levin. long time no see. is there a pathological aspect? >> obviously this is somebody who is preying on a particular kind of women leaving the these bodies. not declaring himself and looking for attention from police or the public insnish shally. instead seemingly leave these
1:40 am
bodies or months or. someone could go under ground for quite some time. knack, is it prostitutes as victims because they are easy. easily accessibaccessible. they go under the jar. that is completely at his mercy. often a prostitute or asked gordon's last contact. right now there are prostitute players across the country. the most common by victimized. how are they sipcally caught? >> me make a mistake and eventually by she will be able to be discovered by the authorities.
1:41 am
they can gather brenda together from the scene to see if there is a connection between the victims if the serial killer has left a sign of a tell like a signature of how they perform the killings or do they take a trophy from the scene and link up the cases. it is difficult to prove and solve the cases when it involves prostitutes or people who are disenfranchised you don't know they are missing haven't heard allotted of reports about them. >> do they like to brag? i mean they show off? do they leave a ace of said? i mean tell me. >> geraldo, some of them do and some don't. this particular fella we don't know what the absolute evidence physically is going to show. there will be some kind of tallasman he made from each of those victims. i peer that you -- he never claimed notoriety.
1:42 am
that may be a long journey. i think with the int did he tell age the way you would find such ladies of the evening. it wouldn't necessarily be by the road side. you might engage on a web site and that may be a trail to follow. >> i believe that will be what is proven here. jack nice to see you again. dr. abalo. >> critics call them moss soing nis tick. prominent rapper depends his art. ! " # $ / 0 i
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(applause) >> big night for hip hop on tv. out of prison doing tag team as you saw with eminem on stage.
1:47 am
eminem basking in the glow of his 10 grammy nominations. in the rivera household the only hip hop artists that count is this one. >> gather around. let's all do it together with piz. ♪ >> he is huge. i am pleased to welcome the star of the hit nick jr. tv show, biz joins us from dc. >> how are you doing geraldo. >> raldo. >> you want to make up a rap with my name? >> i am on the go i am at large with my man geraldo. >> yeah, biz. tell me about that. >> rap and hip hop i hear more criticism now than i ever have
1:48 am
before. people calling the lyrics as i said masonaginistic they put women down too much sex and all of the rest of it, do you respond to that at all particularly when you are on the gest rated of g rated shows? >> only thing i don't like about it is when i came out i had a record called picking bug gars. they wouldn't let it play. they wouldn't let it play because they said the lyrics is bad. now they let anything play right now. anything. >> is it weird for you after being tough and urban to be recognized like five-year-olds like mine? >> the reason i do it is because it is for the kids. there is something out there for t -- nothing out there for the kids these days. i love kids. that's why i do it. >> you are a teddy bear on the show and you are really wonderful.
1:49 am
i don't know what it is that she is processing in her 5-year-old mind but erica and i are fascinated to see how she is so deep in the program. lil wayne got out of prison, 50 cent got shot up, p-diddy wh ha the case with j-lo. they are getting out of jail going to jail every day. why is that part of the commercial mystic that makes them big hits? >> what i think is they make their hits first and then they think they can get away with certain things they do. a lot of things people target you tell r -- us rappers because of what we have. that's what i feel like. >> you have guns and cars, though. that's why the cops stopped the mafia guys because they knew because they were afraid of other mafia guys they would carry guns usually not with a
1:50 am
license. >> another thing is geraldo, they have got what we call haters out there. a lot of people who didn't make it in the industry some people are mad. they were mad because you had a sneak error atari or something. >> thank you for being on. up want to rap us to commercial? ♪ i be rocking with geraldo [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends?
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it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more.
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>> the wikileaker is out of jail. he faces rape charges. but iron key it's julian assange who is suffering the effects of a lake. the 68 page swedish police report with the allegations of sexual misconduct. we have the gory details. >> archenemy julian assange might be out on bail but he is not out of the woods. now that a police report has been leaked on notorious unforgiving leaker himself how do you like that it details allegations of sexual misconduct that led to his legal woeings. >> if i was in the courtroom all of this time it would be spreading rumors of holding her down. >> according toe the police report accuse irin their sexual
1:55 am
encounters began consensually but changed when he refused to wear a condom. >> they have been molested in some way. >> into one interview they tried to put on articles of clothing it was going too quickly but assange ripped them off again and she tri the other awoke to having unprotected sex with her. after insisting on putting on a condom he put one on but had done something to make it rip. a few days and a couple comparisons later they asked he be tested for sexually
1:56 am
transmitted diseases. when he failed to comply they went to police. something assange says they are getting back at him for leaking documents. >> continuing vendetta against assange. >> while he lounges at the multi-million dollar mansion of a wikileaks supporter he claims his innocence. >> this lane a successful smear campaign so far. people are starting to wonder if what is being said true and if it is true what is the evidence. >> seems he is getting his bluff called. somebody leaked that document. didn't happen by accident. cops beat politicians also. >> ultimate leaker got leaked out himself. now 68 pages i think it should
1:57 am
come forward. >> the stories don't seem as fabricated as he would like us to believe. not using a condom is a felony rape. >> it's against the law. there is consistent facts doesn't seem like they went together to make up a story against them. he should be prosecuted let the facts fall where they may. >> i want to say happy new year. that's it for us. thank you very much for watching. we wish you and yours a very merry christmas. kimberly will be here. i will see you next year. happy new year. good night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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